A Day to Remember

Today is Christmas Eve, a day celebrated around the world with lights, music and family gatherings. In today’s world, people give their own definition of what Christmas is all about and celebrate it, or not, in their own way. “It’s about giving”, some say. “It’s about family and love”, others claim. Many celebrate this day believing it is the day the Lord Yeshua was born. 

As the world continuously changes, the right to celebrate this holiday, or display any “faith-related” behaviour or items, are considered offensive to many. There is an ongoing battle to retain and to reclaim these rights around the world. But, in the process, I fear we are losing sight of what is more important. The Word of God says “If the world hates you, keep in mind that it hated me first” (John 15:18). If we come upon opposition to our faith, it is because the world hates the Lord in Whom we put out trust – not us. The world is becoming more and more evil, yet we are surprised that hearts continue to be hardened and oppose anything related to our Lord Yeshua – even a particular day when many simply want to celebrate His birth.

What do we do in light of this? And what is important here? I don’t believe that it really matters whether the Lord Yeshua was born on this day or in a different month all together. The important thing is that He was born. He did not remain a child, but grew up and demonstrated how great His love was for us, as He willingly suffered and died for you and me. Our truly victory, in Him, is that He rose from the dead, conquering both sin and death! When people oppose us and don’t want us to express our faith, in any shape or form, let us show them the love of the Lord Yeshua, a love that sent Him to the cross for them – and kept Him there until He completed what He came to do. The exact date to celebrate the Lord’s birth doesn’t matter, and whether you celebrate at all on a certain day doesn’t matter. What matters is that we share the truth of what the Lord Yeshua did for us. Don’t leave Yeshua as a babe in a manger, or in the cradle, or on the cross. We worship a risen Saviour, who will return one day. That is the message we need to share and that is the hope we have today and every day. That, my friends, will indeed be a day to remember, a day we will never forget.

One thought on “A Day to Remember

  1. Amen ! Good you wrote ! The world seems stuck in Trees with occult balls and presents….. I have just forwarded a mail with the sneaky UN Security resolution from Last night …..

    We are in Jerusalem now. Hopefully till the end of Januari or perhaps longer.

    Friends from Holland are coming so we plan our plans by day…..

    How are you ? How is your soap bussiness going ? And your study ? Work ? Faith ? Kehilla ?

    Nedaber in His timing ! Love to all, Neshikot Eli7

    Verstuurd vanaf mijn iPhone


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