There is a higher throne

People disappoint. We have all experienced that kind of disappointment. We have certain expectations of people, think we know them and maybe even regard them as close friends. And then something happens that not only surprises, but disappoints us. And, the worst thing about the situation is that the people who did the offending or who disappointed us didn’t even realise that they did something wrong or improper, or failed to do what was reasonably expected of them.

Why is that? I think people often tend take others for granted, especially if it’s someone that they have know for years, or that they’re close to. Sadly, it is so easy to do and, if we’re honest with ourselves, we will admit that we all fail in that respect. One moment those people need you and are close to you. At another time they don’t and you aren’t beneficial to them now.  What would cause such a shift in relationships? The answer could be multi-faceted. Certainly, pride could blind them from saying so or even from realising it. But, they expect that when they need you again, you will spring into action for them. I think we’ve all experienced that? I certainly have – on both sides of the fence. At those times, when I am on the receiving end of the offense, I try my hardest to understand how this person could behave like this. I often find myself saying that I shouldn’t expect from people to behave in one way or another, so that I wouldn’t be disappointed when they don’t. But I think that attitude is wrong. People are not perfect and no matter how hard they try to be good, human nature is corrupt and, as a result, it will disappoint. The only questions are “when” and “under what circumstances”?

We have a tendency to exalt people and place them on a pedestal, even those we consider friends. But, shouldn’t we look to a higher throne – the throne on which the King of Kings sits, Who knows how we feel as people, as human beings. He knows how weak we are. We disappoint other people, but we sadden Him more by our sinful behaviour. I choose to look to Him who will never let me down, instead of to people. He knows our frame and despite our sinful nature, He longs to be gracious to us. At this season, we need to remember: our redemption is closer today than ever before. Let’s focus our eyes on the higher Throne, because He Who loves us with an everlasting love is seated there.

© Hannah Kramer