Fashioned by the Potter – Part Two (A Story)

Some time had passed since those winter storms, when she suffered injury. The vessel, now adorned with new gems and precious stones embedded in her new frame, enjoyed spending time every day with the King, learning of His ways and hearing Him express His thoughts. The kingdom was as beautiful as ever, with every beautiful tree and flower blooming and blossoming and spreading their fragrances across the land. The vessel travelled with the King across the lakes and plains, mountains and valleys, and became acquainted with other vessels of all shapes and sizes, which were also in the service of the King. As they traveled, the vessel noticed that some vessels were being highly esteemed by the occupants of those lands, just because they were placed in a more visible location by the King. Though all the places were valued and worthy in the King’s sight, for some reason, it seemed that the other vessels in those areas received high praise from their fellow vessels.

The vessel looked around and realised they have traveled quite a bit. Where are we my Lord? I am not familiar with this land”, questioned the vessel.

“This is my land too. And here I will place you for a time. Will you serve me here until I choose to move you?” The vessel looked around, realising she was rather hidden from plain sight.

“My King”, asked the vessel, “I do not understand. I see you have placed all these vessels where you saw fit, and I know you placed them where they can be of best service to you, yet…” stopped the vessel, pondering her next words.

“What is it my precious one?” inquired the King, knowing her heart was troubled.

“Why…why is it the vessels in those areas that are more visible and wide, receive such praise and honour in the sight of their fellow vessels? It is You after all who put them there and they are in your service, so why are they praised, and not…You?” said the vessel, rather perplexed.

“Oh, my dear. What bothers you most? The fact they are praised and not Me? or…it not being you?” gently said the King.

Caught by surprise, the vessel bowed and replied with sadness. I do not know my Lord. I feel as though I would like to be there, with them. Yet, in a way..I do know the praise is yours alone. I fear receiving glory for myself, yet find I desire it sometimes, too. Forgive me my King, for I find I am jealous when I see this behavior, yet saddened when I see some vessels who are rather hidden, receiving no acknowledgement”.

The king picked up the vessel who was dear to His heart, looked her in the eyes and said softly, My lovely vessel. What you see is from your point of view. Does my placement of these vessels in visible areas mean they are of more importance to me? No my vessel. For I value and love all my creations, whether big or small, in plain view or hidden from sight. What matters most is not what the vessels think, say or do, nor which vessel they praise or value or even know. What matters most, my sweet vessel, is whether they know ME. During our travels, where have I held you?” asked the King.

The vessel looked up and answered, close to your heart, my King”.

“That’s right. For when you were there, you could feel my heart beat, you heard me as I spoke quietly, almost in a whisper. You knew when I rejoiced as I walked the land, and when I was saddened as I saw vessels ignore me. How did it feel when I held you there?”

The vessel thought for a moment and replied, “calm, my king, and joyful beyond words”.

And then the King smiled and explained. “When you were leaning on my heart, you weren’t troubled with what other vessels did, said or thought”…

“because I was looking at you my King”, said the vessel.

“True, my vessel. When you look to me alone, wherever I have placed you, I take delight and joy in you as you serve me, just as I take delight and joy in those vessels, as long as they serve me faithfully. Now my dear, I ask you once more. Will you serve me here where I put you?”

The vessel reflected on her conversation with the King. “My King, I am your vessel, may your will be done in my life. I will do it with gladness”.

And with that the vessel felt joy fill her heart and expectancy for what the King had in store.

© Hannah Kramer