He can fill your need!

My mom gifted me this week with a necklace that has a little silver pitcher attached. The first thing I thought of as I saw it, was the story of the empty vessels in 2 Kings 4, which I once wrote about here.

My mom was reminded of the passage in 1 Corinthians 3:7-9, where Paul says that some plant the seeds, others water them and God is the one who brings about the increase.

If you’ve been following this blog for a while, you probably noticed how the topic of a vessel is a recurring theme here. And for a good reason. There is much to say about it. 

This necklace is a reminder that just like when you water a plant, you don’t always see how it grows and the changes within. You need to be patient and continue to water it regularly remembering that God is the one that makes it grow. 

Sometimes, working with people, we may feel we’ve poured out everything we have, we’ve given everything we had to give. That is when, as an empty vessel, we need to come to God to fill us up. 

Are you feeling empty, tired, frustrated or facing a problem that you don’t seem to be able to deal with? Come to the fountain of living water and give it to God as an empty vessel. Let Him fill you and your situation, so that what you pour out may be a sweet savor unto Him. I needed that reminder today and pray that you are encouraged by it too.

© Hannah Kramer


2 thoughts on “He can fill your need!

  1. ruth Salinger says:

    Your Mum chose well Hani, for you are “a vessel cleansed and ready for the Master’s use” and your thoughts are always refreshing! Thankyou!


  2. Hani, For me, especially at this time of a great fraud being perpetuated on our nation, the pitcher reminds me of Gideon and how the battle against the Midianites was won. I imagine if Orit gave you a clay pitcher to wear around your neck, it wouldn’t last very long. So let’s just imagine that your silver pitcher is clay. The light of the Lord is inside. When the time is just right, we smash the pitcher and shout, “the battle is the Lord’s!” We are remaining constant in prayer that our mighty God will expose the enemy and that He, the Lord, will get all the glory for the sake of growing his kingdom for Yeshua’s sake. Amen and Amen. XOD


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